Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Source Engine and Steam Client Update

Source Engine
  • Fixed VAC icon not showing up in server browser
  • Fixed the Buy Favorites button not working
  • Enhanced sv_pure's output
  • Fixed delay when disconnecting from a server
  • Fixed a rare crash in Day of Defeat: Source
  • Made demos record screenshot and jpeg commands
  • Added the cvar cl_playback_screenshots to control whether or not the screenshot and jpeg commands are replayed while playing back a demo
  • Fixed the Add/Remove/Edit/Import buttons in the dedicated server's Bans page

Steam Client
  • Added a "Go Offline" option in the File menu, which will let Steam run without an Internet connection
  • Fixed localization of "English" in language dropdown for Dutch and Norwegian languages
  • Fixed the ATI Hardware Promotion not being accepted on 64bit versions of Windows
  • Fixed the mouse wheel not scrolling when the cursor is over a flash image


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