Sunday, March 4, 2007

Our network

Our network is made up of
4 Dell 2324 24 port switches with gigabit uplinks for the table switches.
1 Dell 2708 for the core switch.
1- Router/Firewall/NAT: An old HP 700 Celeron running pfSense
1- Web/File server- An old PIII 733: running FreeBSD, Apache, PHP, mySQL, FreeRADIUS, FTP and Samba. (I would spread the load if we had more machines)
2- Dedicated Game servers: the RHA Laptop (Desktop 3.0ghz P4) and My personal laptop (Celeron M 1.3 ghz)
Add to this my desktop and any other loner pc's I get and we can get plenty of server power.

Depending on what I can find a good deal on, I would like to upgrade the core switch to Dell 2716 or a Dell 2724. I like these Dell switches because they are cheep and good quality. They are made for dell by Delta Networking and company that also makes switches for Netgear and other companies.

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