Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have started getting several offers for sponsorship which is fantastic. More sponsors will help us make this event even better.

If your company is interested in sponsoring our event LAN-O-THON v4.0, we have plenty of sponsorship opportunities:

  • You can sponsor a Game Tournament by providing prizes.
  • You can sponsor a Raffle by providing prizes.
  • You can sponsor a "Stupid LAN Party Game" like a scavenger hunt by providing prizes.
  • You can sponsor a game server by providing use money to build a server (about $250), or ship us one that we can return if needed after the event.
In exchange for the above:
  • We can hang promotional posters you provide on the walls at the event.
  • We can stuff promotional materials you provide in gift bags we hand out at the door
  • We can put a text or banner ad for your company on our following websites:
  • We can put your company name/logo on print ads
    • Small ads hung on every dorm door: text only
    • Large ads, 2 to 3 on every dorm floor: text/logo (please provide a black and white copy of the logo want us to use)
  • Other
    • We can list your company as a sponsor on any other marketing we do such as mass campus emails, etc.
    • If we print Staff T-Shirts, your companies logo can be on it.
    • We are open to other ideas too if you have one.
  • After the event, we can provide photos of the event for marketing and verification purposes. All of the guests will have signed a photo wavier of which a copy can be provided if needed. Please specify an email address to send these to.
Any promotional materials and giveaways need to arrive by September 28th unless other arrangements are made to guarantee any of the above you choose. We also need a letter or statement giving us permission to use and reprint any trademarked names and logos so our ads don't get held up at the printers.

Also I will try to get someone from our school newspaper, The Oracle, to stop by for the event.

Interested? Email me at lanothon AT mcdportal D.O.T com

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