Monday, September 3, 2007

Weekly Update 9/3/07

LAN-O-THON v4.0 News
In the mail Friday, I got our first box of goodies. The nice people over at Vroom Foods, who make FOOSH™- Energy Mints and BUZZ BITES™ - Chocolate Energy Chews sent us a bunch of samples to give out. Everyone is going to a sample of the BUZZ BITES in their goodies bag and you'll also have a chance to win more in the raffle and other events.

In the next week, I hope to launch the official registration for LAN-O-THON v4.0. This year we are doing things a bit differently. After last years large number of no-shows, a different system was needed. On our site soon, there will be a registration form in PDF format that you will need to print out, fill out and drop off at a yet to be determined location.

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