Thursday, March 1, 2007

LAN Party Guide

I'm slowly working on a series of blog posts meant to serve as a general information and how-to guide on how to plan, organize and host as successful LAN Party.

  1. What is a LAN Party?
  2. I Want to Host One!
  3. Location, Location, Location
  4. Electricity, The Real LAN Party Fuel
  5. The LAN in LAN Party
  6. How to: Make a LAN Cable
  7. Setup pfSense
  8. Installing and Configuring SRCDS
  9. How to: Setup a Dedicated FreeBSD Web Server
  10. Installing ALP
  11. Budgeting
  12. LAN Party Nourishment
  13. ....
Last updated 08/25/07

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TB7024 said...

Sounds good. Thank you for help!